May 22, 2014

Every city in Seema-Andhra will become a growth engine, creating jobs and driving development.

Visakhapatnam – Shipping hub
Vijayawada – Automobile industries
Guntur – Agriculture and allied industries
Tirupathi – Processing of agricultural produce

CBN will bring back Seema-Andhra on the path to prosperity.

Self-employment and State’s development will be made possible by equipping students with skills-based education

* Skill development programmes will begin from High School itself

* School syllabus will cover subjects taking into account future industrial requirement and self-employment

* All schools to have Computer & Language Labs

skills-based education

“Please play your role to achieve the promises in our manifestos. You did a good job when I was the Chief Minister. We have the Centre’s support too. Let us all develop the State together.”

These were the words spoken by CBN during his meeting with the IAS Officers. Raring to go, ready to deliver on all promises and excited about changing the lives of people for the better, CBN is man on a mission: To achieve a glorious Seema-Andhra.

He is ready!